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Albany Oral Histories


LEGEND :       I = Face-to-Face Interview

                        P = Informal Phone Conversations

                        Ph I = Formal Phone Interview/Conference Calls

                        Q = Paper Questionnaire



[P and Q] Randy Battle – CB King “advance man” (driver, bodyguard, etc) and SNCC activist


[P]   Ruth Bruce – jailed demonstrator during Albany Movement; was professional secretary at this time

[Email, Ph I w/ Dr. McCaskill only]  Chris Clark – WALB reporter during Albany Movement; Sam Smith was his cameraman; now works as anchorman in Nashville


[P, Q, and Email] Peter de Lissovoy – campaign worker/speech writer for CB King’s congressional campaigns in Albany ; Civil Rights demonstrator                                   

[I]   Rutha Harris – member of Freedom Singers


[I]   Emory Harris - member of Freedom Singers; brother to Rutha Harris


[I and Q]  Helen Jackson – arrested, as junior high student, in 1962 for picketing a store during Albany Movement


[I]   Mary Jenkins – Teacher during the Albany Movement, author of Open ‘Dem Cells


[I]   Yaz Johnson – son of Rev. Johnny Johnson Jr. of Albany sanitation strike of 1970s


[I]   Mrs. Carol King – wife to CB King and Head Start developer in Albany


[Email] Leland King – son of CB and Carol King


[I]   Mrs. McKissick –Floyd McKissick’s wife


[Ph I, Q, Email]  Representative Joseph Mitchell Albany youth in 1960s; close with Slater King; now an Alabama congressman


[I]   Judge Herbert E. Phipps – apprenticed under CB King. Attended Morehouse.


[P]   Janie Rambeau – Albany Movement demonstrator; today a minister


[P and Q] Dennis Roberts – worked as lawyer with CB King in Albany for 3 years in early 60s, through Law Student Civil Rights Research Council


[Email, Q]  Reverend Ralph Roy – United Methodist minister from New York who traveled to Albany in 1962 with group of ministers on Prayer Pilgrimage to protest Dr. King’s arrest at Albany City Hall


[P]  Arthur Searles  son of Albany Southwest Georgian newspaper editor.  Current editor himself.


[I]   Charles Sherrod – SNCC leader, organizer, and voter registration drive leader


[P]  Pastor Daniel Simmons - Mt Zion Baptist Church pastor; invited us to a service.


[I]   Sam Smith – camera man for WALB-TV (in Albany )


[I]   Ms. Evelyn Toney – first woman arrested in Albany Movement on November 22, 1961 for sitting in at Trailways station to test ICC regulations


[I]   Ms. Irene Turner – Curator, Albany Civil Rights Museum


[P] Jurl Watkins – librarian, voter registration organizer during Albany Movement; one of first media specialists to integrate Albany public schools; daughter, Ertha Watkins, now sings w/ Albany Freedom Singers


[I]   Ms. Mattie Williams – resident of Albany , jailed for leading march on City Hall



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