Rome Bibliography

Books and Theses:

Anderson, Laura Caldwell. "'We've Had a Peaceful Relationship Between the Races Here': Formation and Early Work of the Rome (Georgia) Council on Human Relations, 1959-1963." Master's Thesis, University of Alabama, 1996.

Aycock, Roger. All Roads Lead to Rome. Roswell, GA: W. H. Wolfe Associates, 1981.

Brattain, Michelle. The Politics of Whiteness: Race, Workers, and Culture in the Modern South. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2001.

This text traces the development of white identity among textile workers in Rome, Georgia. The author successfully described the politics of southern labor relations while focusing on the social benefits of whiteness.

Darko, Morrell Johnson. The Rivers Meet: A History of African Americans in Rome, Georgia. Rome, GA: M. Darko, 2003.

Includes brief biographies of over eight black movers and shakers from Rome.

Mathis, Douglas. The Voting Rights Act and Rome (Georgia) City Elections. Athens: Institute of Government, University of Georgia, 1981.

This short text describes the process Rome’s blacks citizens took to secure the rights granted with the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 after the city’s governing bodies continued to restrict African American involvement in electoral politics.

Journal Articles:

Gerstle, Gary. “Working-Class Racism: Broaden the Focus.” International Labor and Working-Class History 44 (Fall 1993): 33-40.

Gerstle outlines the role working-class whites played in the maintenance of a hierarchy of color in industry and in larger society. It works to address the centrality of race in unionizing in America.

Harris, Cheryl I. “Whiteness as Property.” Harvard Law Review 106 (June 1993): 1709-91.

Harris traces the social construction of whiteness then follows with a discussion of how whiteness gained and lost legal footing in the Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. Board Supreme Court cases.

Newspaper Articles:

Wagner, Diane. "1963 Sit-Ins to be Celebrated." Rome News Tribune 2 July 2007.

Clark, Jake. "Museum Saves Civil Rigths Stories." Rome News Tribune 6 June 2007.

"Garden Dedicated to Civil Rights-Era Sit-In." Rome News Tribune 9 December 2007: 1.

“Commission Gives Report to Blacks.” Rome News Tribune 2 September 1971: 3.

Summarized a report presented by the City Commission of Rome to the city’s black residents. They informed that steps were being taken to address the complaints registered on behalf of the black community about discrimination in hiring practices, housing for blacks, and in educational resources.

“Curfew Ordered in Rome to Stem Racial Outbreak.” Rome News Tribune 15 September 1971: 3+.

Ben Lucas, Chairman of the City Commission in Rome, issued a citywide curfew in response to racially motivated acts of vandalism in the two weeks prior. For the next four days Rome residents faced the threat of arrest if caught on the streets of the city from 9 pm to 6 am.

“Mass Meeting with Blacks: Board of Education Acts on Grievances.” Rome News Tribune 15 September 1971: 3+.

Black community members of Rome that met with the Board of Education left unsatisfied by the board members’ responses to grievances presented. Blacks wanted the Board to address high percentages of black students in less challenging classes, a lack of black counselors, cheerleaders, and teachers.

“Curfew Arrests Rise, Blacks Renew Demands.” Rome News Tribune 19 September 1971.

After a four day, dusk till dawn curfew, Rome’s black residents reiterated their demands for an end to racial discrimination among Rome’s governing institutions and businesses. Students protested a lack of black cheerleaders and boycotted their classes until the local high schools agreed to allow black girls to join the squad.

"Rome Student Wins Rose Esserman Levin and Jule Gordon Levin Fund for Social Justice Award." Rome News Tribune 20 May 2008.

Rome resident and high-school senior, Chelsea Adams receives an award named to honor Rose and Jule Levine in recognition of her social activism.

Web Sites:

New Georgia Encyclopedia. “Rome.” Ed. George Pullen. 25 February 2005.

This website contains a plethora of information on the founding and development of this southern city.