Freedom on Film: 9 Cities, 71 Stories
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Albany (7):
SCLC Leaders Visit Albany Pool Halls
Stretcher Arrests
Rev. Johnnie Johnson Jr. and the 1972 City Workers’ Strike
Integrating Carnegie Library
Freedom Alley
Trailways Lunch Counter Sit-In
Northern Clergy Protest in Albany

Americus (7):
Picketing at the Piggly Wiggly
Press Conference: SCLC and SNCC
Integrating First Methodist Church
Evening March and Prayer Vigil
Press Conference: Gov. Sanders
Lester Maddox Supports Segregation
James Searles and the SW Georgian*

Athens (14):
Persecution City on the UGA Campus
Black Students March on President’s Office
The Desegregation of the Athens YMCA and YWCO
Women Students at UGA
Athens Draft Board Resigns over My Lai Verdict
Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter at UGA
Charlayne Hunter
The Last Drive of Lemuel Penn
The Board of Regents Weighs In
North Georgia’s Alternative Press
Coalition ’72 and the Democrat National Convention*
Integration Debate at UGA
Former Secretary of State Joins UGA
Hamilton Holmes at UGA

Atlanta (14):
Barbwire Theater Comes to Atlanta
The Black Panther Party in Georgia
Fannie Lou Hamer and Student Anti-War Activism
Lester Maddox and the Pickrick Restaurant
Students for a Democratic Society and Atlanta’s Fat Cats
Mayor Maynard Jackson’s Vision for the Movement
The Black Muslims and Atlanta’s Police
Georgia’s Evolving State Flag
The Multicultural Vision of Andrew Young*
The Desegregation of Atlanta Schools
Emory University’s ROTC Referendum
Mayor Ivan Allan and Peyton Wall*
The Southern Regional Council and the Human Relations Council
Atlanta’s NAACP in the 1940s*

Augusta (6):
Busing Spurs White Flight to Private Schools
James Brown Cools Down Augusta Rioters
Paine College Students Desegregate City Buses
Blacks and Women in Augusta Golf
The Godfather of Soul, R&B, and Civil Rights
Governor Lester Maddox Angers Black Augustans

Columbus (6):
Black Students Jailed for Protests*
Coretta Scott King Speaks Out on Nonviolence
White Reporters on the Civil Rights Beat
Black Reporters on the Civil Rights Beat
Stocking Strangler Killings Expose Racial Tensions
Mill Workers’ Social Issues*

Macon (5):
NOW Strikes
NAACP/Bibb County Commissioners
Integrating Tattnall Square Baptist Church 
Mayor Thompson and Macon’s Black Community
William P. Randall and the Ministers’ Bus Boycott

Rome (6):
Berry College and the Council on Human Relations
Jewish Americans in Rome’s Civil Rights Movement
1963 Sit-Ins
Racial Tensions Rise in the City of Seven Hills
Civil Rights in Appalachia*
Desegregating Rome’s Civil Service Sector*

Savannah (6):
Merging Savannah’s State Universities
The Nazis Protest Busing
President Nixon Tours Savannah
The Riots of 1963
The Sea Islands during the Civil Rights Era*
Hosea Williams leads Economic Boycott*